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Future Technology

Future Technology

Future technology is interesting and innovative. Inventors are the individuals who create and showcase future technologies for use by human beings. The many different ideas range anywhere from concept cars to how to loan preparation. Either way future technology is the future of tomorrow.

One interesting future technology is the Unforgettable. Used for the refrigerator, the unforgettable is used to detect when food has gone bad or expired. It hangs in the refrigerator and sounds off when food has gone bad.

Another future technology is SENSE. SENSE is a wireless computer device that enables a persons touch to a particular website. This is one of the more complex future technologies found. The SENSE requires users insert there hand to detect certain properties like roughness, hardness, softness, pressure etc…

A mind boggling future technology is the Dial Phone. The dial phone is a phone in the form of a wrist band, and is used just like a cell phone. This concept is meant to deceive the size and shape of the cell phone, while being worn as a fashionable wrist band. This is a fashionable item that is also hands free. One of the most practical of future technologies, this device is convenient for driving and multitasking.

Another phone type is called the Mimeo phone, which enables someone to write like a pen. This future technology is more interactive than most cell phones due to its writable, bendable body.

The Rae motor bikes are future technologies with style. These bikes were made for the next generation of young riders. These bikes have adaptable handle bars, seats, forks, side panels, storage etc… These Rae motor bikes are future technologies more comparable to human Lego’s. These bikes however are also similar to a motorcycle and have the same level of protection as a rice burner. If used, these bikes would be on the road with vehicles.

The Twin Trike is another future technology that enables two individuals to ride at the same time. Similar to the Bernstein bears this future technology has two sets of pedals, and three wheels. The front wheels are operated by the driver in the front, and the back wheels are operated by the driver in the back.

The final future technology is known as the Nexus. This device is an innovative scooter, that will soon be used as a short commuting device in airports. A similar device is used by security guards at malls. This, like many future technologies is equipped with an electric engine and uses not gas. The engine is powered by a 12 V battery and gives two hours of continuous use. The speed is controlled in a screen by the operator, and can only excel up to 15km/hr.

Technology is of course entirely experimental at this point, because it is created with the future in mind. However, many future technologies are used very quickly if they acquire a quick following. Nevertheless, technology is always changing and always keeping us interested, and that doesn’t look like it will change any time soon.