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The new technology is hard for elderly people to grasp. So much so, that most of them totally disregard the latest technology as a whole. Cell phones and computers are the new technologies that give them the most trouble. Almost everything is ran by a computer now a days and almost everyone has a cell phone. Elderly people however cannot get used to the new technology of today.

The latest technology for cell phones are the iphone, the g-one, the blackberry, and the android. All of these new devices are 3g capable, meaning that they are equipped with the software to go on to the Internet. Elderly individuals have no clue about this latest technology, and will never grasp how to operate them. The new technology for phones that is most confusing for the elderly is touch screen phones. These devices confuse folks that are used to pressing buttons. Most individuals that are over the age of 65 have no idea how the latest technology in phones like keypad locks and screen savers. New technology for phones is making the personal computer almost obsolete, especially when on the go.

The latest technology in computers is the energy efficient computers with sleeper times, optimum power, and mini sizes. Elderly people do not understand the need for new technology like the ten inch net book. The do not understand the difference between the notebook, lap op, desk top, or net book. The latest technology with computers is touch pad keyboards. Elderly individuals cannot grasp regular keyboard, never mind those that they can not feel. Computers are evolving from huge machines that held very little information to much smaller ones that hold even more.

The latest technology with tv is three d television. This incorporates three d images into the TV and into the living rooms of many. How many elderly people do you think will have three d computers in there living rooms? Many may wonder if glasses are need to watch this type of television. This new technology may pose a threat to eye health, or it may cause headaches for those that watch to much of it. Either way, television is making some neat advancements to it in regards to technology.

Are these new technologies necessary for the future? Do we depend on them in order to function? Will to much dependency on new technology keep us from evolving as a people? Many elderly people believe simplicity is the best policy. However, in a growing world is technological advancement necessary to function, or can we do without it? Those that raised our parents, that raised us got through fine without it. Science is so experimental that there is no telling whether the latest technology will be beneficial or harmful to the human race. Voting for the president even required some knowledge of computers.
The latest technology is interesting and hard to grasp for the average twenty two year old. Individuals that are older have a hard time understanding how and or why some of the new technology is needed.