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Merging and New Technology

Emerging technology is very important to society. Each time modern technology is taken to another level the results are amazingly crucial to the politics of society. The University of Rhode Island conducted research on rainbow trout to test muscle growth. modern technology allowed the university to create a trans genetic trout with a six pack … Continue reading

Future Technology

Future technology is interesting and innovative. Inventors are the individuals who create and showcase future technologies for use by human beings. The many different ideas range anywhere from concept cars to how to loan preparation. Either way future technology is the future of tomorrow. One interesting future technology is the Unforgettable. Used for the refrigerator, … Continue reading

The Purpose of a Green Tech

Green techs are individuals that work for the environmental sector. These individuals get paid to research and develop new and innovative ideas on how to save the planet. Green techs can be individuals that work on garbage trucks, at recycling plants, at landfills, or in a lab. Green tech jobs are demand because of the … Continue reading

Green Computers

The benefits of green computers has taken technology to the next level. Green computers are considered environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. This system of green computers consists of energy efficiency, cost, recycling ability, and environmental sustainability. One pound of coal is used for every twenty mega bytes of computing. That’s a lot of energy to use … Continue reading

The benefits of Green Technology

Green technology is a system that incorporates the new and innovative methods and materials used to create more environmentally friendly cleaning products. The expectation with technology like this is to change the daily habitual habits of society. Green technology focuses on household cleaning products, waste, inventions, clothing, energy sources, etc. Many focus points make technology … Continue reading