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Comparing technology from today to “back in the day” say… fifty years ago is like comparing night and day. These two time periods are so different and unalike. The majority of individuals did not have checking accounts or major credit cards. Unlike modern technologies like the ATM machine or credit card machines, people used cash … Continue reading

Merging and New Technology

Emerging technology is very important to society. Each time modern technology is taken to another level the results are amazingly crucial to the politics of society. The University of Rhode Island conducted research on rainbow trout to test muscle growth. modern technology allowed the university to create a trans genetic trout with a six pack … Continue reading

New & Latest Technology

The new technology is hard for elderly people to grasp. So much so, that most of them totally disregard the latest technology as a whole. Cell phones and computers are the new technologies that give them the most trouble. Almost everything is ran by a computer now a days and almost everyone has a cell … Continue reading